Collection: Distance Reiki Services

Are you an introvert?

Or are you curious about Reiki but too shy to meet in person with a "woo woo practitioner"?. 

Or maybe the idea of commuting feels too jarring before and after having a few minutes of peace and relaxation? and what if you feel like sleeping or being vulnerable right after your session?.

That's alright. Because that's me as well.

Truth is that we are more open to receiving healing when we are in a relaxed state and able to let go without keeping our guard up. So why not making this a special, sacred moment at a place where you feel you can let your guard down truly and fully?

Distance Reiki offers the convenience of receiving healing wherever you are while entirely respecting your privacy and comfort. You are in control of your own environment as you receive the healing you need. 

Distance Reiki also saves you the stress and logistics of taking your pet to a place they might not be too thrilled about. Have them receive healing in their favorite spot at home. 

My sessions are fully contactless. Communication is via email, and you'll receive a written report with the highlights of the session, plus simple suggestions (focused on self-care, nothing witchy at all)  for you to continue your healing journey. 

Book your appointment and enjoy the Reiki experience!


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