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Distance Reiki Healing 12-Session Bundles

Distance Reiki Healing 12-Session Bundles

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12 Sessions for the price of 10

These bundles are great for when you need deeper healing, are going through a challenging time or you just need regular energy tune-ups. 

Each bundle is for 12 sessions of Distance Energy Reiki. You'll receive a link to my Appointment page that you can use to book your sessions anytime, as frequently as you wish, and reschedule as needed. 

These bundles have no expiration date.

Available for sessions 15 min, 30 min, and 60 min long. 


Receive Reiki healing from the comfort and privacy of your Home or Sacred Space. My sessions are contactless so you can feel in complete control of the environment. Just find your comfy spot to relax for the duration of the session, enjoy the experience, and receive my emailed report afterwards.

In every session I start scanning your chakras and body, identifying the areas that feel of higher priority for healing. I will send Reiki to them, followed by a quick aura cleanse and sealing. Sometimes I am able to channel messages from your Divine Guidance but I can't guarantee it all the time!.

You'll receive a written report with the highlights of the session, a list of the open and blocked chakras (before & after), plus self-care or spiritual suggestions you can practice at home to help you work on your own healing journey. 

1) CONSENT to receive Reiki healing is implied with your purchase. However, if you are purchasing this service for other person, then their consent is required.
Anyone younger than 18 yrs old, or anyone in a situation of disability needs consent from a parent, adult family member or caretaker.

2) A BRIEF DESCRIPTION of the issue(s) you want to address helps a lot, but you can leave it open to receiving healing to where it is needed the most. 

3) Your FULL NAME AND CITY of residence of the person receiving treatment is also needed, so Reiki goes to the right "John Smith". No pictures or Dates of birth are needed. 

Reiki helps you get to where you want to be. It will help you clear your mind, or build the stamina, or make your physical or emotional issues(s) more manageable, so you can address your challenges and do the work yourself with more enthusiasm, vitality and focus.

It is when we feel the most positive when miracles happen. 

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