Scientist by heart. Energy worker by nature.

Mariela & Casshoo Reiki

I was never into spirituality until only a few years ago. If anything, I used to make fun of people who believed in ghosts, superstitions, religion, you name it. Anything that was not tangible or visible to me, was simply not real. 

Mine was a scientific brain. I understood life purely by facts, math, logic and analysis. The woo woo stuff never made sense to me. Emotional intelligence? it was there, but I didn’t know what to do with that…

…Until the gap between the things I could justify with science and the things I could not really justify with it started growing apart.


 My 2019 and 2020 went by full with changes, panic attacks, existential crises and WEIRD coincidences. My dreams became too vivid, I smelled things that weren't there, my thoughts and ideas were “too honest” or “too smart” to have been authored by me, and the people I thought I knew my entire life started showing themselves in a whole different light.

I was also exhausted all the time. Weekends were exclusively to recover from the 5 previous days. I started living -and thriving- in isolation because everything outside my front door was simply too exhausting. 

It was the beginning of my spiritual awakening as an empath and I had no idea.

As a self-reliant, heavily independent person, this was becoming too scary -  I thought I was going (clinically) insane-. I had reached a point in which I had only two options: either going to doctors and fearing a life filled with prescriptions and therapy (and who knows what else), or opening my mind to other possibilities, which risked shifting my mental, emotional, and belief systems (the woo woo approach).  

More coincidences lead me to hear about Reiki for the first time in 2020, as my dogs Cassidy & Shooter were in their final stages of cancer, and seeing how my hands tingled and warmed up every time I'd pet them.

But it was after a few months of their passing when I took it to myself to learn Reiki. And I wanted it even more after hearing that Reiki awakens psychic abilities. If this was true, I could connect with my dogs in Heaven.


Learning Reiki would be my ”science experiment". 


What resulted from it cannot be described simply, because it is not something you can convince others about unless they experience it themselves.  But Reiki triggered a self-healing journey and changed my perspective entirely. Further major life changes started affecting me less and less emotionally.

Suddenly giving up control felt like being “back in control”.

If Reiki worked for this non-believer, then it can definitely help anyone who is open to give it a try!.

Since 2021, I’ve been embracing my weirdness and making it my new job. 

Casshoo Reiki is my "Shared Sacred Space" and my way to honor my dogs, Cassidy and Shooter, who were the triggers in this pivotal time in my life.


Science is still an important part of my life, but I now embrace it as a vehicle to spirituality. To me, Science and Spirituality are symbiotic, inseparable. 


I hope you find in this place the support, validation, and tools you need for your own healing journey.





In lieu of the current global mental health crisis,  Casshoo Reiki offers metaphysical services and products to inspire people in embracing mindfulness and self-care practices that promote and support their personal growth, well-being, and spiritual development. 

We believe in the interconnectedness and unity between individuals, communities and nature, and recognize the power of transformative change from a holistic and spiritual approach.
We also believe that every person is an unique individual with the freedom to be and express themselves without the pressure or prejudice of the societal norms.

Casshoo Reiki’s Vision is to offer our customers a space that welcomes, respects, and validates all forms of spiritual beliefs, social beliefs and intellectual beliefs, regardless of race, gender, nationality or social background.

We strive in inspiring people to accept themselves, embrace their gifts, and shape their lives into something that allows them to reach their highest potential while honoring their individuality.
Casshoo Reiki embraces holistic values of cooperation, empathy and mutual respect to nurture the greater good of its stakeholders, customers and the wider community.  By incorporating  spirituality and metaphysics into our values, we strive to fostering harmony and balance among them.

We commit to operating with integrity, transparency and accountability, using business practices rooted in fairness, honesty, and social responsibility.

By integrating spirituality and mindfulness into the business realm, we challenge the traditional profit-centric business model, and contribute to the flourishing of both individuals and society. Through this lens, businesses can become agents of change, inspiring the collective consciousness to embrace higher ideals and work towards a more harmonious and sustainable future.