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Casshoo Reiki

Distance Reiki Healing

Distance Reiki Healing

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PLEASE NOTE: Reiki is a HEALING MODALITY that uses the Universal Energy for the Greatest good of all. It manifests as a sense or release, improvement, or wellbeing at emotional, mental, or spiritual levels. It also helps relieving physical pain rooted from emotional pain. Reiki helps you take positive steps towards your goals as long as they are aligned with your Highest Good.

Imagine going to therapy, where you get to release and discuss your problems while being given guidance on what you could do for your own good. Reiki opens your mental awareness so you can go inward and work on those aspects yourself in a loving, compassionate way. It gives you the tools you need for your own healing journey.


- Reiki will not make you lose weight or make you look more attractive: Reiki will instead help you release old emotional patterns that keep you from moving forward and motivate you to make the changes you need to make in order to love yourself and do what feels best and truly joyful for you.

-Reiki will not make a person like you or fall in love with you: Reiki respects free will, meaning it will not be received by a person (or animal) who is not open to receive it or doesn't voluntarily gives their consent. It also works for the Highest Good of everyone involved, meaning that what you believe to be the best for you may not be the same for the other person/animal.

-Reiki will not give you a promotion or a big bonus: Your own work and positive attitude will do that for you. Reiki will help you shift gradually into a more positive outlook, or help you see the greater picture so you can take any necessary steps towards your own success.

- Reiki will work for the best possible outcome of a situation: Reiki may help the people/animals involved see a positive, fair, objective outlook of their own roles in the situation so they willfully act towards the Highest Good with the available resources. However, "the best possible outcome", is not always the same as the "best desired outcome".

As a Reiki practitioner, I am simply a channel for universal energy. My own ego and emotions do not affect the power of this energy.

Reiki will do its work for your Greatest Good in the area(s) of your life or body where you need healing the most. I always set an intention asking for Reiki to keep doing its healing work after our sessions, for as long as you need it.

This said, the time you'll receive Reiki basically depends on how much healing you feel you need, how much Reiki you are willing to receive, or the severity of the issues you wish to address.
15 minutes may give you the same results than a 30 min session, only that maybe 30mins of reiki will help heal your main concern, plus others.


- Perfect for people new to Reiki who just want to test how it works and feels.
- For complex situations or difficulties (past, present, future) for which you need clarity or peace of mind for yourself and/or the parts involved. Reiki will work for the best possible outcome. This could be a future exam/test, a legal matter, a job interview, doctor visit, meeting, or any imminent or current event that worries you.
- It also helps with minor, uncomfortable physical issues, such as headaches, digestion.
- A good pick me up for an energy boost to get you through the day.

- Quick scan and healing focused on unbalanced chakras or energy blocks.
- Also good for more focused, intense pain: migraines, back aches, dental, joints, etc.
- Immune system booster.
- Minor surgery recovery
- General relaxation, restorative sleep.
- Emotional recovery (stress, depression, anxiety)

- Full body Reiki. The energetic version of a full body massage.
- Complete chakra alignment/balancing
- Deep relaxation, restorative sleep.
- A more long-lasting energy boost.
- Major surgery recovery.
- Emotional recovery from more severe, long-term issues (grief, ptsd, cptsd, emotional disorders)

I am a healer and an "empath in development", and although I am intuitive, I am not a psychic. This means I really count on the information you can share about what you want to get from this treatment, so I can focus on my work of reading the energy that flows towards you. Just as your doctor, who needs vital information about you so they can to their best in helping you feel better, so do I. I can't do the best job for you if there is no communication.

1) Your consent to receive Reiki healing is implied with your purchase. However, if you are purchasing this service for other person, then their consent is required. Anyone younger than 18 yrs old, or anyone in a situation of disability needs consent from a parent, adult family member or caretaker.
2) A brief description of the issue(s) you want to address. Please add it to the personalization field upon purchase.
3) Name, last name, and city of residence of the person receiving treatment.
4) In the days after the session, please do let me know how you are feeling. I want to know how I am doing and how I can provide a better service.

I will contact you 1-2 days after your purchase to discuss the details of your treatment and set a date and a time for your session. Reiki works best when you are relaxed and in a resting position, so we’ll work around a time during which you can be away from your daily responsibilities. You don’t need to do anything during the session except rest.
I will send you a report after the session ends, with the highlights of the treatment and what to expect in the next hours/days.

I will use Etsy Messenger for communications, but we can communicate on the phone, Whatsapp, or Zoom, if you prefer a more direct interaction.

What you can do if you wish to participate during treatment
Reiki will do its wonders no matter what you are doing at the moment, but some people have felt it more beneficial when they participate on the treatment. If you wish, you can engage in a relaxing activity of your liking at the agreed time of treatment (such as meditation, lying down in a comfy, calm space, or just go to sleep). Setting your own intention to be open to receive healing for your Highest Good also helps the energy of Reiki to go to you without rejection.

All of the services listed in this store are for entertainment purposes only. I am not a licensed medical professional. By purchasing this service you give permission to me to perform Reiki on you. Other adults (18 yrs old and older) you may have purchased this service for and have not actively purchased it from me, will be required to give their consent to perform Reiki on them. Children (17 yrs old and younger) and pets require the consent from a parent, legal guardian or owner.
Reiki is not a substitute to medical or psychological treatments, or prescription medicines. Energy practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions, perform medical treatments, nor prescribe any substances. If you have a concern about your health you must visit with a medical professional or therapist to address any health issue(s) as soon as possible.
Energy practitioners do not interfere with treatment(s) prescribed by licensed medical professionals. Do not discontinue your medication(s), or any medical treatment before, during or after Reiki treatments, unless dictated by your doctor, therapist, or any other licensed health professional.



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