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Casshoo Reiki

30 min Distance Animal Reiki Healing

30 min Distance Animal Reiki Healing

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My prices are low so I can make Reiki more accessible to people & pets who are in need of healing. In no way this is a reflection of the quality of my work.

Distance Animal Reiki (30 min session)
For any pet in your home, no matter what type!. I will connect with your animal(s), and send Reiki with an intention for the highest good and to where your baby needs healing the most. I will need their names, your main concerns about them, and a picture of the pet. I will let you know the date/time I will be sending Reiki to your pet. You don’t need to prepare or do anything special except going about with your regular day (or hang out with them if you wish).
This listing works for up to 3 pets at the same time.

1) Your consent to Reiki healing to your pet(s).
2) Name of your pet(s), species, and city where they reside.
3) A picture of your pet(s) is not necessary but it helps me visualize them during my session. Please don't send pictures of an injured or distressed animal unless it is the very only picture you have (let's say, you just rescued the animal). I need to visualize them as the whole and pure beings they are, so an upsetting picture will not help with my visualization to send Reiki.
4) A brief description of your concern(s) about your pet.
5) In the days after the session, please do let me know how they are doing. I want to know how I am doing and how I can provide a better service.

All information remains confidential and is deleted/destroyed after service is concluded.

I am a healer, and although I am intuitive, I am not a psychic. This means I really count on the information you can share about your pet so I can focus on my work of reading the energy that flows towards them. Just as your vet, who needs vital information about your pet so they can do their best in helping them, so do I. The energy in a dog may feel different from the energy in a bird, or a horse, just as the energy of an injured/sick animal feels compared to that of a healthy one. I want to give you the best use for your money, and for that communication is vital.

All of the services listed in this store are for entertainment purposes only. I am not a licensed medical professional. By purchasing this service you give permission to me to perform Reiki on you. Other adults (18 yrs old and older) you may have purchased this service for and have not actively purchased it from me, will be required to give their consent to perform Reiki on them. Pets require the consent from the owner or caretaker.
Reiki is not a substitute to medical, or prescription medicines. Energy practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions, perform medical treatments, nor prescribe any substances. If you have a concern about your animal's health you must visit with a medical professional as soon as possible.
Energy practitioners do not interfere with treatment(s) prescribed by licensed medical professionals. Do not discontinue your medication(s), or any medical treatment before, during or after Reiki treatments, unless dictated by your doctor, or any other licensed health professional.



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