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Casshoo Reiki

Distance Animal Reiki Healing, 45 min

Distance Animal Reiki Healing, 45 min

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For any pet in your home, no matter the species!. I will connect with your animal(s), and send Reiki with an intention for the highest good and to where your baby needs healing the most.


You'll receive a written report after our session (via email), with my observations during the healing.

Sessions allow for groups of pets, but be mindful that in these cases my human brain won't be able to read their separate energies simultaneously. Trust that Reiki will still reach all and each one of them. 

1) Your CONSENT to Reiki healing to your pet(s) is assumed with your purchase.
2) NAME of your pet(s), SPECIES, and CITY (and country if outside of the US) where they reside. 
3) A PICTURE of your pet(s) is not really necessary but it helps me visualize them during my session. Please don't send pictures of an injured or distressed animal unless it is the very only picture you have (let's say, you just rescued the animal). I need to visualize them as the whole and pure beings they are, so an upsetting picture may not help with my visualization to send Reiki.
4) A brief DESCRIPTION of your concern(s) about your pet. 

You'll Receive a digital report after our session (via email), with my observations during the healing and suggestions (mainly focused on self or spiritual care) to aid with the healing process. 

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