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Dalmatian Jasper Worry Stone | Crystal for the Inner Child

Dalmatian Jasper Worry Stone | Crystal for the Inner Child

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This worry stone measures about 1.25" by 0.75" (3 x 2 cm). It has the indentation on one side for your thumb.

Infused in Reiki healing energy the moment I prepare your order. It also comes in a little velvet bag for safekeeping. The bag includes a mini charm of my choosing (subject to availability).

Dalmatian jasper (or dalmatian stone) is not really a Jasper but actually an igneous granitic rock. It is mainly composed of quartz and white feldspar, with small crystals of pink feldspar and black arfvedsonite (often mistaken with tourmaline).

A stone of play and joy. It reminds you of having more fun in life and not taking things too seriously.
Helps you being in touch with your inner child.
Good for healing childhood or pas t-life wounds.
Also grounding and protecting from external negative energies.

Root, Heart, and Throat Chakras

Keep it close while at work for inspiration and positivity. A good "pick me up" stone to use during meditation.



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