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Window Agate, tumbled

Window Agate, tumbled

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Window Agate, tumbled.

These specimens are about 3/4 to 1 inch (2 - 2.5cm) in average size.
They come cleansed and charged in Holy Fire III Reiki energy. A bookmark is also included with general description, tips of use, and suggested mantras or affirmations.

A protective stone for thousands of years, Agate drives out the negative influences around us. It is a powerful repellent to harmful and pessimistic people. By wearing it around the neck, it serves as a protective talisman.

Agate not only calms the body but also the mind. It acts as an anti-stress and allows us to release the pressure around us. It stabilizes anxiety and balances thoughts that can sometimes go all over the place. The anxieties gone, self-confidence takes place.

TIP: Placing an Agate stone near the bed helps ease sleep and ward off bad dreams. Restful sleep is essential for good health and feeling good. With Agate, falling asleep healthily just got easier.



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