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Turritella Agate, tumbled

Turritella Agate, tumbled

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Fossilized turritella sea snails embedded in brown agate. Tumbled and polished.

These pieces measure about 1 to 1.5 inches (2.5 to 4 cm) in diameter.
Cleansed and infused in Reiki healing energy the moment I prepare your order.

Root chakra.

The brown color of the agate, and the marine nature of the turritella makes this the perfect for grounding.

Turritella Agate is known as the record keeper. It helps you connect to the past – your ancestry, homeland, the land where your ancestors are from. Use this stone when you wish to learn about past cultures, past societies, even past lives. Like other agates, Turritella has a connection to the plants and nature.
Turritella Agate helps with luck, perspective, and outlook in life. Turritella protects during transitions. This stone helps you to see the positive side of situations, regardless of the outcome.



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