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Top Polished Black Tourmaline Tower

Top Polished Black Tourmaline Tower

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Beautiful Tourmaline Towers. They are polished only at the top and base, and showing off the natural texture of the tourmaline on the sides.
They are cut and polished by hand, and following the regular fracture planes (cleavage) of the rock, so no one piece is identical.
Some pieces may show veins of quartz.

2.5 to 3 inches (6-7.6 cm) height, 1.5 to 2 inches (4-5cm) width at the base.

All my products are cleansed and charged in Reiki energy the moment I take care of your order. I also include a bookmark with description, uses of the stone, as well as suggested affirmations.

Chakra: Root
Vibrational Number: 11

Black Tourmaline is the poster child of grounding and protection from negative energies (from your own mind, or from external sources).
It helps with fear and anxiety, making us feel safer and as if standing on more solid ground. When we feel safe and protected, we are able to tackle any situation from a calm, centered sense of self.

Keep it by your desk, to protect you from EMF radiation, or from difficult, untrustworthy people.
Combine it with tourmalinated Quartz to help removing unhealthy cords or attachments



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