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Strawberry Quartz, Tumbled

Strawberry Quartz, Tumbled

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Original from India.
These tumbled crystals are about 1 inch (2.5 cm) in size. Sold by unit.

Infused in Reiki the moment I prepare your order. Description card included.

Strawberry Quartz embodies a powerful love vibration but it does much more to benefit your life. It has a strong energy to stimulate a flow of happiness and joy. It is supportive during life changes, and may also aid you if you are experiencing feelings of stress, depression or worry.
It has a quite shamanistic energy, that has been used to create a loving energetic bond between members of a group who take part in ceremonies where it is used.

These stones embody powerful healing properties that relate to their action to assist emotional healing.

Chakra: Heart, Crown



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