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Self Growth & Transformation. Crystal Prescription

Self Growth & Transformation. Crystal Prescription

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The personal process of evolving, adapting, and growing in life can sometimes be easy...or really tough. And that mostly depends on the situations we are in. However the case, the process of self-growth is a journey by itself, and unique for each one of us. The biggest challenge we most often find is to see the situations from a clear, fresh perspective, so we are able take the actions we need in order to move forward. And for this, we need to acknowledge that most times the change has to come from within.

I hope this kit helps you find yourself more attuned to your True Self, and helps you move through all the changes you are willing to make in order to achieve your life goals for a more fulfilling life.

This kit includes 7 tumbled crystals in a soapstone mini dish and a description card. Infused in Reiki energy.

- Blue Tiger Eye: To help you connect with your Inner Self. It helps you communicating your truth, and clear negative thought patterns.
- Howlite: To help you breaking with old habits that keep you from moving forward and facing changes with a positive, calm attitude.
- Shungite: A stone for transformation. To let go of the negative and shift you into a curious and eager mindset.
- Green Moss Agate: To help you see the positive side of things and help you with manifestation.
- Amethyst: To help you connect with your intuition and stay open to receiving Spiritual guidance.
- Citrine: For motivation, personal power, and manifesting abundance.
- Smoky Quartz: Transmutes negative energies into positive ones while keeping you grounded and balanced during times of change.

The blue Soapstone dish represents the color of the Throat chakra, which is the domain of communication and expression of our True Selves.
The Soapstone dish measures about 4x4x0.5 inches (10x10x1.3 cm). Handmade and Fair Trade from Kenya.

The Crystals are about 0.75-1 inch (2-2.5 cm) in diameter.



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