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Sagittarius Zodiac 6 Crystal Set | November-December Birthday Gift | Zodiac Sign Gift

Sagittarius Zodiac 6 Crystal Set | November-December Birthday Gift | Zodiac Sign Gift

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Sagittarius are open minded and adventurous souls. They see things from different perspectives and are always hungry for knowledge and opportunities for self-improvement. They speak with truth, honesty and transparency. When in balance, they are independent, optimistic, generous and enthusiastic. Sagittarius are natural healers and teachers.

When out of balance, Sagittarius risks placing their trusts on the wrong people and being disappointed by the outcomes. Too much transparency and openness can also blur the boundaries in their relationships, either hurting themselves or others. Sagittarius' adventure spirit can also be of challenge when needing commitment to complete projects. And that thirst for knowledge and self-improvement can drive poor Sagittarius off into a loop on indecisions and perfectionism.

I hope these crystals help Sagittarius enhance their natural traits while toning down their shadow aspects.

This crystal set has 6 crystals in a velvet bag (colors may vary upon availability), offered in 3 options to choose from:

- Crystals and bag.
- Crystals and Soapstone Heart.
- Crystals, bag, and plaster moon dish.

Infused in Reiki.
Includes and information card.


LEPIDOLITE: Stone of Transition. For emotional balance and awareness. It helps you accept yourself and others. Helps navigate through change, while detoxifying your mind from negativity or fear. Protects from nightmares.

SODALITE: Sagittarius Birthstone and Throat chakra stone. For wisdom, clarity, emotional balance and intuition. Helps you see through your weaknesses and strengths, encouraging you to dive deeper into your inner self.

TURQUOISE HOWLITE: Sagittarius Birthstone. Throat and Heart chakras. Enhances Sagittarius energies, promoting adaptability, authority, and truth. Brings you to a state of trust and security, so you navigate challenges feeling protected and safe. Enhances Sagittarius open-mindedness.

VESSONITE / VESUVIANITE: Sagittarius Birthstone and Heart chakra stone. Brings you closer to the true desires of your heart. Helps you working towards your personal growth. Battles with the ego, promoting inner security. removes anger and negativity.

GOLDEN TIGER EYE: Solar Plexus chakra. Offers protection and grounding. Helps you stay clear and focused. Its sun energies inspire courage, positivity and optimism.

SHUNGITE: Root chakra. Absorbs and eliminates negative energies and protects you from EMF. Detoxifies and cleanses your mind from negative thought patterns.



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