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Rough Lime Calcite

Rough Lime Calcite

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Original from Mexico, these stunning pieces measure an average of 1 to 2 inches (2.5 - 5 cm).

Cleansed and Infused in Reiki energy the moment I prepare your order. Bookmark with description about crystal is also included.

Chakras: Heart.
Associated Zodiac signs: Virgo
Numerology: 3, 5

All calcites have such a gentle vibration that makes them ideal when you are too sensitive to other stone's energies, or when wanting to keep crystals in areas where uninterrupted relaxation is important (bathroom or bedroom).

Green calcite encourages tolerance, compassion and understanding in relationships. It helps you express what is in your heart, specially if you are having a change of heart and don't feel like having the courage or the right words to express yourself without hurting others.

A stone of transformation. It helps your mind process any complex situation you might be going through, specially those associated with changes



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