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Prehnite Prayer Beads & Wrist Mala. Elastic

Prehnite Prayer Beads & Wrist Mala. Elastic

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Handmade and elastic in natural 6 mm prehnite beads with a bronze Moon charm.

They are about 24" long and can be worn as necklaces and bracelets too.

- Comes in a Velvet drawstring bag for storage
- Information card included
- FROM MY SACRED SPACE TO YOURS: Each product you order goes through a ritual of cleansing and blessing before it walks out my door.

CHAKRAS: Solar Plexus, Heart
ZODIAC: Libra, Capricorn
ELEMENTS: Water, Earth

Prehnite is an appropiate crystal to work with in times of change or transition.
It offers vibrations of peace and renewal while helping you integrate the lessons and wisdom that come with accepting the non permanence of things in life.
Ideal when faced with the need of letting go of the things that we no longer need in life, while opening our heart to welcome and embrace new opportunities in life.

KEYWORDS: Transformation, Spiritual Growth, Endings and beginnings.



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