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Polished Super 7 crystal points

Polished Super 7 crystal points

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Original from Brasil. Polished points.

Called Super Seven because it has the properties of the seven types of stones, all in one: clear quartz, rutile quartz, smoky quartz, Amethyst, lepidocrosite, Goethite and Cacoxenite.

All these combinations of minerals in amethyst are considered "impurities" in scientific lore. Additionally, Cacoxenite - as Super 7 is sometimes called- is in fact a component of Super 7 (and a whole different mineral worth having in any collection). For these reasons, the "Elders of Geology", consider this stone as a "low grade amethyst".
So, if you want to make a geologist uncomfortable, this is the stone for you. Trust me, I'm a geologist too ;)

Super 7 is good for channeling its energy to heal the earth, your mind, and your body. The Super Seven stone opens up all the senses and helps one to see auras. It stimulates psychic abilities, including telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, channeling, telekinesis, and others. It contains a natural inclination to help grounding you.
Super Seven is a catalyst for expansion and transformation. It removes the blocks that are holding you back from your life purpose, and stimulates the soul to its divine brilliance.

It would be an understatement to say that Super 7 works with all 7 chakras.



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