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Morganite Quartz, rough

Morganite Quartz, rough

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Original from Brazil.
Rough. 1 to 1.5 inches (2-3.8 cm) average size.

Infused in Reiki the moment I prepare your order. Description card also included.

Morganite is a light pink to violet-pink variety of beryl and a sought after gemstone, while quartz is...well..quartz. Quartz is the most abundant mineral in Earth, and as such, it is present in the majority of rocks combined with other minerals. All minerals formed from a solution or liquids with specific chemical compositions that generate specific minerals, and when these are mixed together, we can have unique varieties of the two.
That said, Morganite Quartz forms as the result of beryllium and aluminum-rich solutions that interacted with Quartz-forming silica under very specific conditions.

Chakra: Heart
Zodiac: Libra

Morganite quartz then, possesses the metaphysical properties of both morganite and Quartz. It's pink color makes it a great Heart chakra stone for nurturing yourself, encouraging shifting from a negative outlook to a positive one. While looking things in rose color might not be good at all times, morganite is the rose-color glasses you need to wear from time to time.
A stone for Self-care, self-nurturing.
Morganite helps you improve your relationship with your spiritual helpers (Spirit Guides, angels, loved ones in Heaven, etc).

Quartz is a Master Healer, that works with all chakras and magnifies the energies of other crystals, as well as your own.



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