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Large Magnetite Palm Stone

Large Magnetite Palm Stone

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Magnetic HMT hematite, AKA Magnetite.
Each piece is about 2 inches in diameter. Flat and Smooth on both sides.

Infused in Reiki healing energy. It comes in a velvet bag with a little charm for safekeeping. I also include a bookmark with description of the crystal, metaphysical uses, and associated mantras or affirmations that can be used in meditation.

As everything made by Mother Earth, each piece is one of a kind. Please allow subtle differences in shape or size.



Hematite is protective, grounding, and centering. It also helps attract energies aligned with your life purpose.

TIP: Carry hematite with you whenever you expect to be exposed to negative or stressful situations.
Hematite constantly absorbs the negative energies in its surroundings and will break when it is no longer of use. Make sure to replace it if broken.


Metaphysical Qualities: Protection, Negativity, Grounding



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