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Lodolite, Shaman Quartz. Tumbled

Lodolite, Shaman Quartz. Tumbled

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2 to 3.2 cm (0.75 to 1.25 inches) average size. Original from Brazil.

Lodolite is a type of Clear Quartz that has inclusions (inner crystals from other minerals) of several minerals such as rutile, feldspar, hematite, chlorite, etc. These minerals have their own healing vibration, which is enhanced by the clear quartz.

Other popular names are: Shaman Quartz, Ghost Quartz, Garden Quartz, and Scenic Quartz.

Shaman Quartz assists with communication with the spirit realm and has a strong association with Mother Earth. It also offers insight into past lives. This stone is great to be worn during meditation, journeying and other spiritual practices because of its protective properties.

All my crystals come cleansed and infused in healing energy of Reiki. A bookmark, with descriptions of the mineral, its uses, and suggested affirmations and mantras is also included.

As everything that is created by nature, rocks and minerals are one of a kind. Please allow for some natural variations in size, shape and color or hue.



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