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Jadeite Prayer Beads Necklace & Wrist Mala. Elastic

Jadeite Prayer Beads Necklace & Wrist Mala. Elastic

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Choice of color tone
108 prayer beads. Stretchy. Can be worn on the wrist as well.

Sold in two varieties: Lighter or darker color

Infused in Reiki healing energy the moment I prepare your order.

Jadeite, comes in a wide range of colours, such as green, lavender, white, pink, brown, red, blue, black, orange and yellow.

Orange Jade is believed to be beneficial in creating healthy scepticism. It boosts energy and is used to assist the digestive organs of the body.
Yellow Jade is similar to Orange Jade in that both convey the gift of inner peace, joy and happiness and teach the interconnectedness of all Life and all Beings. It is said to help you gain a better understanding of the opposite sex. Yellow Jade is also used to assist digestive organs of the body.

Chakra: Sacral, Solar Plexus



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