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In Case of Grief. Raw/Tumbled Crystal Prescription with Wooden Bowl

In Case of Grief. Raw/Tumbled Crystal Prescription with Wooden Bowl

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Casshoo Reiki is a proud Partner-Maker with The Collective for Hope, a non-profit that focuses on providing support and tools for people going through grieving. Check them out here for more information and/or assistance.

It is natural to feel grief whenever we experience a loss. However, we don't always keep in mind that we need to allow ourselves to experience it fully so it can pass through. In order to "go back to normal" as soon as possible, or to avoid feeling the pain of grieving, we often find unhealthy ways to cope, which end up keeping us stuck in grief longer than we want to, taking joy from other moments in our life, and reducing our capability to feel self-compassion and gratitude.

I hope this crystal set helps you facilitate your process through the different stages of grief, and remove any blockages that keep you from moving forward.

Available in either rough or tumbled crystal versions.

This crystal set includes:
- Rose Quartz: For self-compassion
- Amethyst: For calmness and better sleep
- Apache Tears: To process grief and keep you grounded
- Smoky quartz: To transmute negative energies/emotions into positive
- Moonstone: To process change and help you move through the stages of grief
- Pyrite: To protect you from burnout
- Red Aventurine: To balance excessive energies (anger, anxiety)
- Wooden Heart bowl (6-7.5" long x 6" wide x 2" tall)
- Description card

This kit is infused in Reiki energy the moment I prepare your order.

THE METAPHOR: The wooden bowls are "not perfect", and are a reflection of life not being perfect and smooth as we want it, but instead being full of challenges, with rough patches, breakups, and scars, as well as beautiful, happy moments. All the "defects" or "imperfections" of the bowl represent those experiences we live through and the lessons they teach us, which also hold the tools (crystals) we need in our own healing journey(s).

CRYSTAL SUBSTITUTIONS: Sometimes I am not able to find the same crystals at the same quality, or wholesalers may have delays receiving shipments from the mines (specially those overseas). For this reason, I may make substitutions of some crystals in this kit for others with similar metaphysical properties. These changes will be reflected in the description card as well, so you can still enjoy the benefits from your kit and help you through your challenging situation.

THE WOODEN BOWL: The wooden bowls are made to look rustic from raw wood. Some may have knots, holes, scratches, knife marks, saw blade marks, sap or minor cracks and blemishes. Size, color tone and shape will also vary.

IF PURCHASED AS GIFT: Leave your message in the Gift section at checkout or send me a message, and I'll print it on a little gift card at no extra cost.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Please keep in mind that some countries have restrictions for untreated wood and these bowls may be rejected by border customs. Please check the destination country's restrictions before purchasing this product. I am working on an alternative to this kit that is less encumbering for international shipping.



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