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In Case of Anger. Crystal Set and Palm Stone

In Case of Anger. Crystal Set and Palm Stone

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We get angry from time to time. And the past couple of years have given us more than one excuse to feel angry.
It is okay to acknowledge this emotion and let it flow when appropriate, so we can move on with our lives. But if we keep it inside for an excessively long term, then it will come out in the shape of resentment, or frustration, or rage.
This set of crystals will hopefully help you to release this emotion in a healthy way, and allow you to observe what makes you angry, or how you react to anger.

This crystal set includes 5 tumbled crystals and a palm stone:

- Red Jasper tumbled crystal" Root chakra. Keeps you grounded and helps balancing excessive negative energies such as anger.
- Malachite tumbled crystal: Absorbs excessive energies in the Heart chakra.
- Clear Quartz tumbled crystal: Master healer, enhancer of other crystal properties, and stone for the Crown chakra, which connects you to higher guidance.
- Sodalite: Calms you to help with patience and perspective. Also help with effective self-expression.
- Howlite: Great when feeling unfocused or overwhelmed. A stone for self- awareness.

- Soapstone "Peace" heart do you remember just that: to be in Peace. Made in Kenia, Fair market.
- Velvet bag for storage and safekeeping. The charm in the bag may change in design upon availability.
- Description card with tips on how to use these stones.

Infused in Reiki energy the moment I prepare your order.

Keep in mind these are handmade products from natural materials. Please expect minor variations in color, shape, texture or size.

ABOUT SOAPSTONE: Natural Kenyan soapstone is mostly white, but it has variations in color (yellowish, pinkish) due to weathering of the aluminum-rich minerals in the rock. These hearts will show such variations, for each piece is unique. Due to this, I cannot guarantee you'll get a color tone of your preference.



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