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In Case of Abuse. Crystal Set and Palm Stone

In Case of Abuse. Crystal Set and Palm Stone

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Abuse is a heavy burden many people carry. Abuse can either be physical, sexual, mental, or emotional, but it still is an experience that changes the person's life forever. Being victim from abuse doesn't make you responsible for what happened, but instead it makes you responsible of healing yourself and recover the trust and courage to move forward into a path of joy, safety, and prosperity.

This kit includes:
- Yellow Tiger's Eye tumbled crystal: Solar Plexus chakra. For self-esteem and self-worth.
- Carnelian tumbled crystal: For the Sacral chakra, house of our personal power, our drive and joy for life.
- Clear Quartz tumbled crystal: master healer and magnifier of other crystals.
- "Courage" soapstone heart to remind you of what you are: courageous. Made in Kenya and Fair Trade
- Description card with suggestions on how to use this kit.
- Velvet bag with charm for safekeeping. Charm's design may change upon availability.

Infused in Reiki healing energy at the moment I prepare your order.

ABOUT SOAPSTONE: Natural Kenyan soapstone is mostly white, but it has variations in color (yellowish, pinkish) due to weathering of the aluminum-rich minerals in the rock. These hearts will show such variations, for each piece is unique. Due to this, I cannot guarantee you'll get a color tone of your preference.



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