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I AM Mantra in Clear Quartz | Engraved Palm Stone | Aries Zodiac Mantra | Crown chakra mantra

I AM Mantra in Clear Quartz | Engraved Palm Stone | Aries Zodiac Mantra | Crown chakra mantra

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These palm stones are about 1 - 1/2" to 1 -1 3/4". They are flat and smooth on both sides. Engraving on one side.

- It comes in a mini velvet bag for safekeeping.
- It also includes a bookmark, with general description of the crystal, its metaphysical uses and affirmations you can use during your rituals.
- FROM MY SACRED SPACE TO YOURS: Each product you order goes through a ritual of cleansing and blessing before it walks out my door.

Can be used for meditation, or as worry stones. Set your intention on them and keep them in your pocket throughout the day.


Clear Quartz is the most versatile yet resistant crystal of the mineral kingdom. 

It works with any chakra and any type or energies. 

"I AM" is a mantra related to the Crown chakra. It is also the mantra related to the Aries Zodiac Sign. 

Clear Quartz is usually the crystal to go with when you are new to metaphysical crystals and are not so sure about what to use them for. One of the most stable materials on Earth, Quartz pairs well with any crystal and works with any chakra, as well as with your rituals and intentions.

Known as a Master Healer.
It helps clearing your energies in all your bodies (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual).
It enhances the energy of other crystals
A perfect companion in meditation.
Helps you keep a positive mentality and attitude.

Due to the handmade and natural origin of these items, please allow differences in shape, color hue, or size with the models shown in the pictures



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