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Grape Agate clusters. Infused in Reiki

Grape Agate clusters. Infused in Reiki

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"Grape Agate" is the marketing name given to these spheric aggregates of quartz, and it is fairly "new" in the mineral market. It's provenance is from the Mamuju area in the west of Indonesia.

The "grapes" in these specimens are about 3 to 4 milimeters diameter. Each cluster is about 4 inches (10 cm) at their widest.

Scientifically speaking, Grape "Agate" is actually Quartz. Both are minerals with the same chemical composition and generally speaking belong to the same family, but they have different internal structures.
The name botryoidal refers to the spherical habit (or regular growth pattern) of the crystal. Agates have a cryptocrystalline habit, which means their crystalline structure is so tiny (not even visible under a microscope), it looks naturally shapeless under the human eye. Quartz has a definite structure easily identifiable with the human eye: prismatic in most crystals, or botryoidal in the Grape "agate".

..I now take my geologist hat off and put the robe on...

Chakras: Third Eye and Crown.

The geologically proposed name for Grape Agate would be Grape Amethyst or Grape Quartz. So it would be a straight-forward interpretation for Grape Agate to have similar properties as those from Amethyst, with the difference on how it transmits the energy.
The spherical shape of the mini crystals helps irradiate their energy in all directions, making Grape Agate an ideal crystal to keep in a room, your sacred space, or within a group of people.

Like amethyst, Grape Agate helps with improving memory and soothes the mind. It offers psychic protection.
Great for the bedroom, to help you remember and understand your dreams, as well as for protection from nightmares.
Also great to keep while studying to help you process the new knowledge.
Great for meditation, to help you achieve connection with divine guidance and during the awakening process.



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