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Galaxy Stone. Epidote Amphibolite

Galaxy Stone. Epidote Amphibolite

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Original from India.
These rough pieces are about 1.5 to 2 inches (3.8-5cm).
Infused in Reiki energy the moment I prepare your order.

Called Galaxy Stone in the metaphysical world, but the sources I found were confusing as well as scarce.
This rock is not a Jasper (much less a Kambaba Jasper), but an igneous-metamorphic rock. So in honor to the Elders of the Geology, and thanks to my old trusty magnifying lens (remember, I'm a geologist), this rock holds the name of......

Amphibolite rocks are usually found in areas of collision where regional metamorphism and subduction lifted oceanic rocks to the surface to build mountain ranges (Think about the Andes or the Himalayans).

The light green, rectangular crystals (or phenoblasts) are EPIDOTE, product from the metamorphism of pyroxene (probably aegirine or augite).
The black matrix is very likely HORNBLENDE, and amphibole mineral common in both igneous and metamorphic rocks.

Thank you for letting me geek out a bit. I now turn your attention to the METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES of both Epidote and Hornblende:

EPIDOTE is useful in overcoming habitual negativity, hopelessness, fatalism and other destructive emotional patterns. It generates hope for the future and a willingness to pursue one’s dreams. It assists those who feel stuck in their current reality find ways to take action or create movement. Epidote raises the vibration in areas that are congested, filled with debris or overly dense, it encourages a more positive emotional state to support general healing.
Epidote works with all chakras

HORNBLENDE can help when your argumentative side takes over with friends or loved ones. It helps individuals to accept compromise so that all parties can attain resolution. It is a protective and grounding stone with a rather high vibration (a rare characteristic in grounding and protection stones). Hornblende is especially well suited for protection in rituals requiring intense protection, such as: house clearings, psychic surgery, and cord cuttings.
Chakra: Root



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