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Feminine Divine Crystal Set

Feminine Divine Crystal Set

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There are spiritual feminine and masculine archetypes in everything we see in this world. Everyone has both, but it is up to us to keep a healthy balance between the two.
Feminine Divine is nurturing, compassionate, intuitive, creative, and supportive; while the Masculine Divine is more assertive, and driven by logic, action, and rationality.

Some people can have more of one over the other. Those with a dominant Masculine archetype are assertive people, driven, and natural leaders. However, they may lack the compassion and kindness of the feminine archetype, and pass as arrogant or dictatorial persons. Or it could be the opposite, in which we are too compassionate and supportive, others may want to take advantage of us.

I hope this set helps you reach that healthy balance, by honoring and embracing your Feminine Divine archetype.

This set includes:

1) 6 Tumbled crystals:
Moonstone: To increase our sensitivity and intuition, and promote compassion and kindness.
Amazonite: It helps with self-esteem, inviting you to put yourself first, but not in a selfish manner.
Selenite: For inner healing, calmness, peace, and clarity, while clearing any blocked negative energies.
Amethyst: A Third Eye chakra stone. Works with your intuition, as well as having a calming effect.
Labradorite: Strengthens intuition and psychic abilities. Balances Ying and Yang energies.
Rose Quartz: Heart chakra stone. To help nurturing self-love and cultivate empathy.

2) Gaia Orgone Rose Quartz Palm Stone. Hand made with natural gemstone chips with a Gaia brass insert. About 1 - 1/4" in diameter and 1/2" thick.

3) Velvet bag with Gaia mini charm for safekeeping
4) Description card with suggested affirmations and uses.
5) infused in Reiki healing energy.



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