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Crystal Set for New Beginnings | Crystals for Fresh Start | New Year Gift Sets

Crystal Set for New Beginnings | Crystals for Fresh Start | New Year Gift Sets

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Start any new project, venture or phase in your life with the support from these crystals.

Your set includes 4 crystals, 2 smudge bundles, a velveteen pouch and an information card.
Crystals are available in either tumbled or rough.

- Citrine: To give you the courage and help you keep an optimistic mindset to help you take those initial first steps towards this new stage.

- Amazonite: Assists you in healing your heart from heartbreak and grief associated with endings, and keeping it open to welcome new positive experiences.

- Angelite: Offers connection with your Divine Guidance through intuition as you walk this new path. It helps with communication and decision-making.

- Black Obsidian: Grounding and protective. It also assists with cutting ties and emotional attachments that no longer support your Greatest Good, so you walk your path without looking back.

- White Sage: to help clear your environment and aura and set the slate clear and open for receiving new things.

- Cedar: Cedar transforms negative energies into positive and protects the area you are in (your home, room, etc). Attracts positive energies.

All my products go through a cleansing ritual and activation with Reiki energy.



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