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Clear Quartz point pendant

Clear Quartz point pendant

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Natural, polished. Original from Brazil

These pendants are gold plated, and measure about 1.25"-1.5" long x .5" wide.

They come cleansed and charged in Reiki healing Energy. Ritual is performed as I prepare your order for a more personalized touch.
A bookmark, with a general description of the crystal, uses, and suggested mantras or affirmations is also included

As with everything created by Mother Nature, each specimen that reaches your hands is unique in its kind. Please allow for subtle variations in internal texture, shape or size.
The gold plated feature is hand made, so please also allow for small variations or "imperfections"

Clear Quartz is related to the Crown chakra. Also considered a Master Healer crystal, it helps enhance the effects of other crystals. Wear it with a Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, or Amazonite pendant to help enhance emotional healing and self love. Wearing it with with a blue crystal (e.g. Lapis Lazuli, or Sodalite) will help enhance and improve communication, especially if kept on a shorter chain closer to your throat.



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