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Caribbean Calcite

Caribbean Calcite

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Caribbean Calcite and aragonite. Original from Pakistan.
Caribbean Calcite in light blue ocean color, with bands of Aragonite (white and light brown).

All of my products are cleansed and charged in Reiki energy, ritual I perform the moment I prepare your order.
I also include a bookmark, with a general description, uses for the stone, tips, and suggested affirmations and mantras.

Everything made by Mother Nature is unique in its kind. Please allow minor variations in shape, size or color.

Caribbean Calcite is a rather new mineral. Discovered in Pakistan in 2019, it is not much that has yet been proven about its energetic benefits. It is associated with the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakra. Like Blue calcite, it helps with recognizing and speaking your truth, and it promotes spiritual peace and relaxation.

The aragonite in the brown bands of the Calcite is also a powerful healer, helping balancing all the chakra energies. It also promotes inner-balance, mental clarity, and transformation, as well as confidence, self-healing, and personal betterment.

TIP: Calcite (any color) in the bathroom helps creating a peaceful and relaxing environment. Also good to keep near your desk or at your work place to promote peace during tense moments.



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