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Blue Chert (flint), Tumbled

Blue Chert (flint), Tumbled

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1" (2.5cm) to 1.5" 93.8 cm) in size.
Some pieces may be darker in color.

Infused in Reiki the moment I prepare your order. Description card also included.

The Geology Elders call it chert instead of using the street name of Flint. So I will honor that.
Chert is a sedimentary rock mainly composed of amorphous, microcrystalline silica (quartz).

Chert improves humor and has a calming influence. Helps redirect energy and is a stone of protection and healing. Aids memory and helps to find lost items. Enhances serenity and brings peaceful sleep.

Blue Chert is a medium vibration stone, so while it may not take you into a state of meditation, it WILL help to calm the mind from the constant chit chat that goes on in the background. It slows down the rapid thought processes/racing mind. It has the same calming effect as the out breath, the release.
Some people believe Blue Chert could benefit those who face panic attacks, anxiety, PTSD or OCD.

A Throat chakra stone, Blue Chert will help you to speak your beliefs/thoughts/opinions with clarity, while remaining respectful and open to others, even if they don't agree with you or share your beliefs.



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