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Bathtub/Shower Crystal Multi-Set in oval bowl

Bathtub/Shower Crystal Multi-Set in oval bowl

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This set includes:

1) ROUGH CRYSTAL SET for the outside of the shower or bathtub, in an oval wooden tray (to keep dry):
Citrine: To lighten the air and atmosphere of the room from condensation and steam.
Amethyst: For night baths/showers
Petrified Wood: To help balance the elements (air, earth, fire, water)
Green Calcite: To help clearing stale energies of the room or negative emotions.
Black Onyx: To clear negative energies
Girasol or Clear Quartz as available: To purify and cleanse your spirit

2) TUMBLED CRYSTAL SET for the inside of the shower or bathtub, in a soap bag (can get wet):
Nephrite Jade: Restores energy. Energizes the nervous system.
Rose Quartz: To cleanse and help release the stresses of the day. It also enhances the properties of other
Aventurine: For soothing and all around healing
Clear Quartz: Purifies and cleanses. It amplifies the energy of the crystals
They come in a soap bag

3) Scented tea light candle

4) OVAL WOODEN BOWL. About 10" x 6" x 1.5" (25 x 15 x 4 cm). Handmade in raw wood.
5) Description card.
6) Infused in Reiki energy.

The trays are handmade from raw wood, so please expect differences from the items in the pictures. They are also not water resistant.

Rocks and minerals are one of a kind, so please expect differences in shape, size, texture, or color hues.



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