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Aura Titanium Kyanite | Flame aura Black Kyanite | Witch Broom Crystal

Aura Titanium Kyanite | Flame aura Black Kyanite | Witch Broom Crystal

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KNOWN AS: Titanium-coated black kyanite, Witch broom, Flame aura Black Kyanite

These Witch Brooms don't fly nor clean very well. However, the high frequency of Kyanite makes it a self-cleaning crystal as well as other crystals. It is also highly protective of the home or your living space.

Sizes offered:

SMALL (S): Between 1 and 1.5 inches (2-4cm), Thin fanned.
MEDIUM (M): Between 1.5 and 2 inches (3.8-5cm).
LARGE (L): 2 to 3 inches (5-7 cm)

Your crystal comes with a bookmark, with general description, metaphysical uses and affirmations you can use during your rituals.
FROM MY SACRED SPACE TO YOURS: Each product you order goes through a ritual of cleansing and blessing before it walks out my door.

CHAKRA: Root/Base.
ZODIAC: Pisces.

The fan shape of the Kyanite directs the energy in various directions, acting as a shield in the desired general direction.
Black Kyanite balances yin/yang (feminine/masculine energies. It helps balancing the energies of the home or your space.
Its grounding energies enable calm though, allowing you to see situations with a clear mind and helping you with making decisions that would normally make you nervous or panicky.
Protects from night terrors or fears.
Protects you from malicious energies.

Each crystal is unique and one of its kind. Please allow for variations in size, shape, or color tone.



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