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Aquarius Zodiac 6 Crystal Set | January-February Birthday Gift | Zodiac Sign Gift

Aquarius Zodiac 6 Crystal Set | January-February Birthday Gift | Zodiac Sign Gift

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Aquarius sense of uniqueness and independence sets them apart from other people. They are curious and long for seeking clarity and understanding from all situations, no matter how odd their angle or approach may be. And this is because deep inside them, they seek to achieve harmony in every aspect of their lives.

Aquarius loves being friendly, but might be afraid to lose themselves in other relationships. When out of balance, they may seem too distant or too attached to the people within their circle. Their opinions, curiosity and abilities to see situations from unexpected angles may trigger uncomfortable situations with others, as effective communication can be tricky for a sincere Aquarius

I hope these crystals help Aquarius enhance their natural traits while toning down their shadow aspects.

This crystal set has 6 crystals in a string bag, offered in 2 options to choose from:

- Crystals, bag and Amethyst cluster.
- Crystals, bag, and plaster moon dish.

Infused in Reiki.
Includes an information card.


TUMBLED SCOLECITE: Crown and Third Eye chakras, to help Aquarius remembering dreams, and processing lots of information associated with spiritual downloads and the consciousness.

TUMBLED ANGELITE: Throat and Third Eye chakras. Brings mastery to all kinds of communication. Facilitates connection with the Angelic and Higher realms (and your Higher Self) to help Aquarius truth seeking nature access wisdom and reach new perspectives.

TUMBLED INDIGO GABBRO (MERLINITE): Third Eye Chakra. It enhances intuition, opening the doorways to access the most inner aspects of your subconscious. It enables facing and understanding our Shadow aspects without fear or judgement.

ROUGH AQUAMARINE: Heart chakra. It quiets the mind, illuminating hidden aspects to make you more aware of your inner truths.

ROUGH FUSCHITE: The Healers Stone, it operates from the Heart chakra, offering a sense of renewal and emotional/mental balance. Its soothing energies inspire you to focus more on your self-care and self-healing practices. Also a great ally for inner child work.

TUMBLED GARNET: Aquarius Birthstone. Sacral & Earth chakra. It balances excessive emotions while enhancing your motivation. It works with kundalini energies to help remove blocks in the lower chakras.



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