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Ametrine, tumbled

Ametrine, tumbled

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Average size 0.75" to 1" (2 - 2.5 cm)

Ametrine is a naturally rare variety of bicolor quartz that has amethyst (purple) and citrine (golden yellow) in contact with one another in a single crystal. Other, less frequently used, names for ametrine include "amethyst-citrine", "trystine", "bicolor amethyst", "bicolor quartz" and "bolivianite".

Ametrine is said to be the complete balance of the properties of amethyst and citrine. Metaphysically, it is good for opening the Third Eye Chakra. Many believe ametrine helps to remove negativity from the physical body as well as the auric field. As a stone of both balance and connection, ametrine is believed to relieve tension, bring serenity and stimulate creativity as well as self-confidence.



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