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7 Crystal Set for Taurus Zodiac | April-May Birthday Gift | Zodiac Sign Gift

7 Crystal Set for Taurus Zodiac | April-May Birthday Gift | Zodiac Sign Gift

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These crystals were selected to help those born under Taurus sign or anyone affected by the collective energies of the Taurus season.
These crystals help achieving a healthy emotional balance, by enhancing their positive traits while healing their shadow aspects.

This crystal set has 7 crystals in a velvet bag (colors may vary upon availability), offered in 2 options to choose from:

- Crystals and bag.
- Crystals, bag, and plaster moon dish.

Infused in Reiki.
Includes and information card.


SELENITE: Crown and all chakras. Offers energy clearing, cleansing and protection. It helps Taurus keeping a clear mind and an open connection with their Higher Guidance. Selenite also cleanses other crystals, keeping their energies fresh.

KYANITE: Throat chakra. Helps Taurus with clear, honest communication and self-expression. Taurus is very passionate, and the blue calming hues of the kyanite can help the most eager mind with patience and open mindedness. Kyanite is a good connector of energies between crystals and chakras, helping balancing the energy of the body.

ROSE QUARTZ: Higher Heart chakra, and Taurus' birthstone. For unconditional love and understanding.

EMERALD: Heart Chakra and Taurus birthstone. Contains the energies of nature and the Higher aspect of Gaia. A stone of unconditional love, it calms the troubled mind, offering hope and inner peace. Attracts prosperity. Protects from negative energies.

JADE: Heart chakra. Helps attracting abundance and prosperity. It also helps softening stubbornness, encouraging understanding, patience, and tolerance.

AMBER, RESIN: Sacral Chakra. It calming energies contain the wisdom of Earth. Amber helps eliminate negative moods and purifies the body. It also enhances self-healing in any aspects of the body.

HEMATITE: Root chakra. Grounding & protecting. It absorbs excessive energies and helps with self-control, specially during moments of change or decision-making.



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