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6 Crystal Set for Capricorn Zodiac | December-January Birthday Gift | Zodiac Sign Gift

6 Crystal Set for Capricorn Zodiac | December-January Birthday Gift | Zodiac Sign Gift

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December 22 - January 19

Capricorns pride themselves of obtaining everything in their lives through persistence and hard work. They are reliable and instill confidence in others. They endure the toughest experiences while being loyal to the ones they love. They are patient and practical; and possess an exceptional sense of humor.

But Capricorns natural down to earth perspective may turn them too rigid and inflexible when it comes to overcoming challenges that require adaptability and a sense of adventure. Past experiences can shift their realistic vision into one that is too serious or even gloomy to others. So much seriousness leads to fears and even harder work to improve their life and that of others.

These crystals were selected to help Capricorn achieving a healthy balance by enhancing their positive traits while healing their shadow aspects.

This crystal set has 6 crystals in a velvet bag (colors may vary upon availability), offered in 3 options to choose from:

- Crystals and bag.
- Crystals and Soapstone Heart.
- Crystals, bag, and plaster moon dish.

Infused in Reiki.
Includes and information card.


CLEAR QUARTZ: Capricorns dominant chakras are the lower ones, so they need something to help them connect with higher frequencies and access their divine guidance!. Clear quartz helps them with that and much more. A Master Healer, Clear quartz, enhances Capricorn's intentions. It magnifies the energy of other crystals.

GREEN FLUORITE: Heart chakra. Helps focus the mind, allowing it work effectively during stressful situations and bring order out of chaos.

TURQUOISE HOWLITE: Promotes adaptability and flexibility. Helps Capricorns keep open minded.

PYRITE: Solar Plexus chakra stone. Offers a solid foundation for improving your core beliefs by building your sense of self-worth. Attracts abundance.

ARAGONITE: Capricorns birthstone and a Sacral Chakra stone. Grounding and balancing. Inspires you to pursue joy in life. Provides confidence and encourages healthy boundaries.

GARNET: Birthstone of Capricorn. Sacral & Root chakra. For vitality and courage while keeping you grounded. Helps focusing on goals, which makes it a great companion for the manifesting process.



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