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6 Crystal Set for 2024 Gemini Zodiac | May - June 2024 Birthday Gift | Zodiac Sign Gift

6 Crystal Set for 2024 Gemini Zodiac | May - June 2024 Birthday Gift | Zodiac Sign Gift

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These crystals were selected to help those born under Gemini sign or anyone affected by the collective energies of the Gemini season. These crystals help achieving a healthy emotional balance, by enhancing their positive traits while healing their shadow aspects.

Selected by my Higher Guidance, making sure they harmonize between each other and with Gemini's energies.
Infused in Reiki Energy.

This crystal set has 6 crystals in a velvet bag (colors may vary upon availability), offered in 2 options to choose from:

- Crystals and bag.
- Crystals, bag, and plaster moon dish.
Includes an information card.


LAPIS LAZULI: Throat and Third Eye chakra. Helps with clear, honest communication and self-expression.

ROSE QUARTZ: Its frequencies of unconditional love and compassion open the Higher Heart to find and embrace Geminis true wants and desires.

LABRADORITE: Heart and Crown Chakras. Offers clarity and understanding to the duality in Geminis emotional states and personality. Helps a restless Gemini with flexibility and trust during periods of change.

CITRINE: Solar Plexus chakra and Geminis birthstone. Its masculine energies help with Geminis sense of Self: their true identity as well as with boosting self-confidence and self-esteem. Also a stone for positivity and optimism.

BLACK MOONSTONE: Root and Crown Chakras. Moonstone carries the nurturing energies of the Feminine Divine, to instill hope and acceptance as well as to enhance Geminis instincts.

COPPER NUGGET: A lucky metal of Gemini, copper works as a conductor of energy between all aspects of the body (physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual), facilitating the distribution and balance of energies across them.



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