Collection: Virgo Season

Element: Earth

Planet: Mercury

Dominating chakra: Throat

Colors: Turquoise, Deep green, Sky blue, purple.

TRAITS: Virgo is introspective, insightful, and contemplative. A very observant soul, yet rational thinker, Virgo picks up on the details around them and take meticulous action. This makes them perfect at problem solving and in pursuing goals. Service-oriented, kind and devoted to others, they will try to help even without being asked. They are organized, detail-oriented and have high values and standards. 

CHALLENGES: Being overcritical and perfectionistic bring lots of anxiety, self-doubt and mental exhaustion to poor Virgo, who juggles daily within their own limitations caused by lack of flexibility. 

Letting go and adopting a philosophy of "All is well" could be  Virgo's biggest challenge. Acceptance, forgiveness, patience (with the Self and with others) are traits intimately related to the Heart chakra, and a good place for Virgo to start their healing journey. 

After all, we are all perfect in the eyes of Love.