Back when I was still “in the spiritual closet”, I felt annoyed every time I read a post on social media about an incident in which immediate help was needed for those affected, and people would respond with “Sending you Thoughts and Prayers” . Ugh. “why can’t they just show up, or send money and/or supplies?, isn’t that more helpful?”, had always been my thought. “That dog is standing on an abandoned car in the middle of a flood, he needs someone in a boat to rescue him, not your thoughts and prayers”.

But then, as I started walking this path, my opinion changed….but just a little bit. 

My love language is doing things for others, so I still think action says more than actual words. I can’t fathom saying “thinking about you” to someone who is desperately looking for their lost pet. If they are in my city, I would be out there with them searching or at the very least posting on every page in social media. Doing something for someone in need is more appreciated, and speaks louder than a distant “thinking about you”. Because the truth is that most people won’t keep you on their thoughts 24/7, for the entire duration of your hardships. Most would say “oh poor you, thoughts and prayers”, and then continue browsing on Instagram, or get back to doing laundry and yelling at the kids. I don’t blame them for having their own lives, responsibilities and worries, but their messages may not feel as heartfelt for the person who is on the receiving end.

But that’s the way my brain is wired, and here is where I think intention comes into the game. After all, doesn’t the phrase say: “The intention is all that really counts”?

If you put a heartfelt intention that a certain situation resolves in the best possible way, or for the highest good of all beings involved, then I think “Thoughts and prayers” would be more meaningful and powerful than most people believe. The Universe hears you when something comes from a place of love and not fear, and when that happens, it manifests the best possible outcome from those intentions. 

When such intentions come from the ego (as in: I have to do good and type this comment so people see me as a kind person, or because this way I’ll buy my ticket to Heaven), then the Universe may not do anything at all, or may manifest what we really feel at that moment: fear. And for that I have a whole story to tell in a future post. 

So I think that THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS DO WORK ONLY IF you keep your best intentions at heart. It sounds pretty simple, but I don’t think we all see the true depth of it. I know I didn’t see it before. The hard part is that we need to keep our fears aside (fear of losing that person, fear of being judged as insensitive or not proactive enough, etc.), so our Thoughts and Prayers are sent with the purest form of intentions.  

I would still send cake and cookies, or blankets, or money if it’s something within my capabilities. I would keep someone in my thoughts if there’s nothing else I can physically do to help. But in any case, I would ALWAYS BE AWARE OF PUTTING (AND FEELING!) THE BEST OF INTENTIONS ON WHATEVER I DECIDE TO DO (EVEN FOR MYSELF). Lack of intention doesn't manifest into anything (or anything good), just like doing the bare minimum expecting great results (Yeah, sit and wait for that one).

People will always be there to judge and we must let them be. Reaching a point in which we can detach from other people’s ego, and even our own, would make any intention truly count in whatever action, thought or prayer we make or send. 

I think my conclusion would be putting the best intention into everything you do, action or thought, for yourself or others, can eventually bring a positive outcomes. Easy to say, though!. 

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