In case of Grieving. A Reminder for Love

In case of Grieving. A Reminder for Love

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Photo by Nick Fewings (Unsplash)

Grief is something difficult to explain when you are the one feeling it, and difficult to understand when you are witnessing it. Because everyone feels it and copes with it in a different way. Some people get sad beyond consolation, others tear up a bit and move on, others just remain numb for a while until the day when they burst out in an emotional breakdown (sometimes triggered by a seemingly insignificant thing such as knocking your elbow against a doorframe).


Grief is something perfectly normal in our lives, yet it has been felt in a higher magnitude since the pandemic started. Many of us have had to go through this process over and over again and sometimes more often than we would like. Just when you are reaching an emotional place in which you feel you can live with the experience, then it happens all over again - too soon and sometimes without warning.


And the reason I mention this is because last week I lost my uncle to heart disease. He is the 5th loved one that has gone to Heaven in the course of the last 3 and a half years.


And as I go through my own healing process as an empath, I deal as well with all the feelings of all my family members (as an empath, these energies are felt more overwhelmingly). As I bargain with the seemingly unfairness of this human experience, I also try to understand what this new loss means for each one of us, for my family as a unit, and for the greater perspective.


Our mission as human beings is to learn about love in any of its expressions: unconditional, familial, romantic, self-love and most importantly the love we put into the things we do.

Grief is a needed part of our own healing journey. It’s purpose -from the perspective of the ones that are still here- is to give us awareness of all the love that already exists in our lives and the things we can do in order to further nurture that love within the limited time we have in this plane.


Endings through loss (death, breakups, fallouts) open the space for healing to occur in certain aspects of our lives we weren’t aware of before, or have been resisting to deal with for a long time. It marks a time for mindfulness and inner work, a time to slow down and take care of ourselves and our loved ones. A time to honor our energy.


Love is our birth-given right, along with happiness and fulfillment. But it is our responsibility to make any needed changes in other to nurture and grow those things. And for that we need to open our perspective, to be flexible, and to make positive changes no matter how small or how daunting they may seem.


Nobody goes back to work from their vacation telling stories about how ugly and miserable they were. We tell stories about how much fun we had and how we still made something positive out of inconveniences such as a delayed flight or an upset stomach from eating exotic food. Eventually we inspire a coworker to go on a similar adventure, or we serve them as a cautionary tale.


In the same way, when you return to Heaven…what are you going to talk about to your dear ones? would you talk about how miserable, awful and unfair your experience was during all those years you lived in this planet?.

Or would you rather telling stories about all the exciting adventures you had, the people you met, the ones you loved and lost, all your achievements along with all the challenges and wisdom you acquired, and all the people you inspired during your stay in Earth?


Life is short, it can’t be paused, and we have the freedom to choose how we want to improve it in a way that works best for ourselves.

May grief serve as an opportunity to remember that we are here to learn and evolve as souls, and that happiness is our birth-given right.


Give yourself permission to experience this process.

Take your time to heal while nurturing your own energy.

Focus your awareness on all the love that already exists around you, and look for ways to fill the space left by those you lost with light, for yourself and your loved ones.



In order to support you along your own healing journey, I share these references that I hope can help you as you walk through this process:


The Collective for Hope offers grief support programs for children and adults going through the traumatic experiences of loss.


The book Grief…reminders for healing by Gale Massey, is a cute little pocketbook with kind notes to serve as a reminder that your own process is completely normal and natural.


You may like trying with crystals, such as my “In Case of Grief” crystals sets, which may offer some comfort for you or someone else who is going through a similar experiences.


I am currently working on a guided Reiki-activated meditation for healing Grief, that will be available soon. It has a script channeled from my uncle in Heaven (Gracias Tío), and it focuses on sending healing to the physical space left behind by the person we lost, their ancestry line, the surviving people grieving for them and all the others connected to them.


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