I am not gifted. I have lived

I am not gifted. I have lived

Life experiences


I know what I know because I’ve lived, not because I’m intuitive, or went to a school. This is what I think sometimes when I meet a client with issues similar to the ones I once had, or I’m still working on. 

Like most people, I’ve gone through a number of challenging situations, problems, people, betrayals, losses, mistakes. I overcame most of them. And I whined through the entire process. 

But I’ve never realized until now that all those moments in my life, both good and bad, were all lessons. Lessons I can use today to understand what my clients are going through and see them without judgement. Lessons that gave me the tools to be of help to others. And even better: lessons that taught me to know myself better. 

Everything I’ve lived through brought me here, to the person I am today. I am not perfect, but I know that my mistakes and struggles helped me grow, and I would not be the person I love being today had I not experienced them. 

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t feel ashamed for the situations life puts you in. Don’t feel unlucky for all the burdens or challenges you had to live through. Sure, whine a little bit, for some reason they call it grunt work. But look forward to what’s waiting for you at the end, and never stop going there. 

Be proud of the things you’ve learned from good and bad situations. Acknowledge the new skills or abilities you developed from these experiences. Notice the unique insight you got from the most difficult challenges. Love the person you’ve become thanks to these experiences. 

Soon you’ll see the reason why you lived the things you lived: Because other people will need you. You’ll relate to people who are going through the same (or similar) issues you once experienced. They may ask for help or your advice, and you’ll most possibly have the best advice for them. Not because you can see yourself in their shoes, but because they are in your old shoes.

Life experiences can be good, bad, or even traumatic. But the lessons we learn from them are always positive. They are badges of honor, tools, skill certifications. 

Show them off. You didn’t live for nothing. 

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