About the New Moon, Solar Eclipse, The Crones and Feminine Divine Energy

About the New Moon, Solar Eclipse, The Crones and Feminine Divine Energy

Hey There!

So I am not used to recording my voice and being too fluid while at it  but I’ve felt this nudge that I feel I need to share with you.

We've just had this Solar Eclipse, which marks the start of the New Moon phase as well as the Halloween and Fall season.

And this is something that happened last Friday (the 13th) during a session I had with my favorite psychic Sara Moore. The result was a message, and the skeleton for a meditation to invite us to heal with the energies of the Feminine Divine.

This message is a reminder that this is the most propitious time to reconnect with the feminine divine energies of Mother Earth, to find the old wisdom that is inside us, and with our ancestors, and to heal ourselves and the planet. This is also a time during which the crone energy is stirring....when the crones are rising and the witches are walking. 

And because I want you to have this material while the energies that were channeled are still around,  I am not giving myself too much time to come up with a clean, high quality and “completed” version of a script. And quite honestly, I had to do some research on my own to better understand the purpose of this channeled meditation - after all, I have a simpleton of a human brain trying to process divine these divine messages.


Listen to my meditation here


First of all, I want you to know that this is a reiki channeled meditation as well, so you will benefits from it even if you don't pay attention to the script. So if you fall asleep while it plays, you will still receive healing. 

The first part of the meditation sets our intention to connect with the crones/elder/witches.

Then we connect with them, with the moon and the stars and join them in ritual.

we cleanse ourselves.

Then we sit to observe the cycles of life (day/night, the seasons, life & death)




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