3 things you can do when all hell breaks loose

3 things you can do when all hell breaks loose


All that hell breaking loose might be your GPS telling you to keep going.


Those difficult moments that seem to want to take you away from your dreams:


Maybe you were planning on quitting your job in order to get a better one, or to pursue your dream of building your own business.

…And then you get laid off.


Or maybe you did quit your job to finally become independent or to go back to school, and then your car breaks down, a leak at your home damages your floors, and your dog gets sick (surgery sick) all in the span of a few months.


Those moments when hell breaks loose and you start thinking that maybe pursuing those dreams was actually a bad idea.


Think again.


Those moments are indeed signs.

But not necessarily signs that you should go back to the way things were - You weren’t happy with the way things were to begin with, huh?-.


You may also think you are being tested. And you are right about that.

But it is not a test of biblical proportions. You didn’t anger the gods.

This is not a test to prove you “worthy or unworthy” of pursuing your dreams.


Because you already ARE WORTHY of all the things you desire.


This is the Universe telling you “I’ve heard your call, hold my beer, but this comes with change and growth, and we want to make sure you are all in for it”.


These difficulties are A TEST FOR YOURSELF, to help you make sure - from a heartfelt point of view- how really important and worth-pursuing those dreams are for you.


If during these chaotic situations you still think that going back to those old aspects of your life would make you feel tight, defensive, restricted, powerless or just plain miserable…

…Then this is your heart telling you that that dream is worth pursuing.


Ironically, during chaos we get more clarity about the things that are worth keeping and the things that are better left behind.

The one requirement from you is to discern which wants are coming from the ego, and which ones come from the heart.


The ego likes being comfortable, it likes being accepted and admired. The ego wants to avoid suffering at all costs. The ego doesn’t care about growth or learning that comes with too much effort. THE EGO WILL ADVISE YOU TO MOVE ON.


The heart knows what it wants despite difficulty. It knows very wells that the prize is worth the challenge, and that in order to overcome challenge, transformation needs to occur. The heart knows that the end game is growth and that it is worth the effort. THE HEART WILL ADVISE YOU TO MOVE FORWARD in pursuit of that which you yearn.



And if you endure those circumstances while staying true to those dreams, then you have won.


I’ll call it winning in adversity,

Being strong in weakness.


Because transformation can’t happen without chaos.

Because there is no learning nor growth without challenging what feels comfortable.

You can’t cook a good soup without stirring the liquid and everything floating in it.


Because fulfillment won’t feel as such without appreciating the fight.


Resistance doesn’t always mean that you are in the wrong path. Resistance comes because in order to stay in the right path, you have to detach yourself from things you've been carrying for a long time, that feel comfortable, but sadly have become dead weight. 

Resistance is a signal that it is time to let go of some things and adopt new ones inside you.


You’ll never be the same as you were before, no matter the situation, no matter what you do or stop doing. Change is inevitable if we want to better our lives. Why not doing this on your own terms?.


What you can do during these moments:


  • Self-care. Put your well-being first. Your body is the ultimate sensor - your personal vehicle and GPS-  and during hard times it needs to be a well-lubricated machine to keep you going. Which is why it is always important to be compassionate with yourself. Self-care is an act of self-love and the way to be in tune with your body and your heart. Eat well, rest well, take the time you need to restore your energy.

  • Mindfulness. Once the above is well on its way, your mental and emotional self will feel more clear and more in control. That “inner knowing” becomes easier to notice as you become less influenced by the external energies of the current situation. Your decisions become more aligned with the future you want to live, instead of the “future you want to avoid”.

  • Boundaries: Take action but draw firm boundaries. Sometimes chaos happens when we allow too much. Too much work time, too many responsibilities, bigger loads, or less time to nurture ourselves. It is time to draw a line between what is healthy and supportive for you and your goals, and what it is detrimental or simply an unnecessary burden.



Power on, my beautiful soul.

Never forget that you are the one constant in your life.

Everything starts with you.

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