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White Moonstone Cabochons

White Moonstone Cabochons

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Cabochon #
Natural from India.
Moonstone with Tourmaline inclusions. Shapes and size vary as shown. 
Perfect for the wire wrap artist.

 The bigger pieces can be used as worry stones. Polished on one side.

1/8-1/4 in thick avg  / 10-30MM long avg

All my products are cleansed and charged in Reiki healing energy.
As with everything that has been created by Mother Nature, each specimen that reaches your hands is one of a kind. Please allow subtle variations in color, texture or shine.

Moonstone is associated with the crown chakra. It helps create a happy home. Calming and soothing. Releases energy blocks. Promotes a caring attitude, compassion, kindness, nurture, wisdom, peace of mind. Helps connect with your Higher Self. Breaks cycles and repetitive patterns. Helps manage change, new beginnings and endings. Enhances intuition, insight, and creativity, confidence and composture. Protection for travelers. Good luck charm.



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