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Casshoo Reiki

Tumbled Peach Moonstone | Cream Moonstone

Tumbled Peach Moonstone | Cream Moonstone

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These pieces are 3/4" to 1.5" in average size. Offered in 2 general sizes (Up to 1 inch, and over 1 inch)
They come cleansed and charged in Holy Fire III Reiki energy. I also include a bookmark with general description, uses, and suggested affirmations or mantras

These are natural products, so please allow reasonable differences in shape, size and color

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart, Third Eye or Crown

Moonstone helps connecting with the Divine and strengthening your intuition. Peach Moonstone shares the same divine feminine energies as other Moonstones, but offers an extra special connection between your heart and personal will (solar plexus).
It helps reignite your passion for the things that make you happy in this world.
A most appropriate crystal for practicing self-love. A Protective stone for travelers.
Calming and soothing. It promotes empathy.



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