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New Year Intentions, Manifesting Crystal set. LIMITED QUANTITIES

New Year Intentions, Manifesting Crystal set. LIMITED QUANTITIES

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RESOLUTIONS always felt to me like chores or items of a to do list. Like something you do because you have to do...or you've better do. And when you don't get to achieve them -for whatever reason-, you end up feeling bad, or guilty, or even worse...worthless.

...But what about of setting INTENTIONS instead?
...How about making a list of all the things that could improve or better your life and work towards them by making little changes so your every day becomes a bit more pleasurable?

...And what if those intentions were pieces of ONE BIG RESOLUTION:?


RESOLUTIONS sound to me like GOALS THAT ARE SPECIFIC AND MEASURABLE. Something you keep track on as you work on them and may happen or not within your expectations. Resolutions are the end game and something you either celebrate or grieve about at the very end.

INTENTIONS are the STEPS YOU TAKE TOWARDS ACHIEVING THOSE GOALS. They allow flexibility as you learn what works best for you. Work on your intentions and CELEBRATE THE PROGRESS, EVEN IF YOU DON'T MAKE IT TO THE FINISH LINE.

We are the creators of our own worlds, and as such we often forget that we came to this existence to be happy, prosperous and loved. Focusing on our inner, true selves is usually the way to start on our journey towards manifesting our deepest desires.

I hope this crystal set provides you with the tools to identify those things that are in alignment with your heart and Highest Self: love, healing, understanding; and help you moving forward towards welcoming them into your life. You deserve them.

This crystal set includes:
- 5 crystals (available in tumbled and rough options):
Rose Quartz: for unconditional love of every nature.
Carnelian: To keep you geared up towards achieving your goals
Moonstone: to help you navigate through change and transformation
Citrine: To attract abundance and prosperity while keeping you confident
Labradorite: To help you connect with your inner self and access your inner and divine

- One clear Quartz, double point.
- One choice of engraved palm stone:
"Manifesting" in Sodalite
OR "Wealth" in Lapis Lazuli
- Description card

This set comes in a box and infused in Reiki energy.

Please keep in mind that these are all natural products, so expect differences in color, size or shape from the items shown in the pictures.



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