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Green Aventurine | Rough Green quartz | Empath protection

Green Aventurine | Rough Green quartz | Empath protection

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NAMES: Green Quartz, Green Aventurine.

Rough and Original from Brazil.
These pieces are about 1" to 1.5" (2.5 - 4 cm) in average size.

Includes a bookmark, with general description of the crystal, its metaphysical uses and affirmations you can use during your rituals.

FROM MY SACRED SPACE TO YOURS: Each product you order goes through a ritual of cleansing and blessing before it walks out my door.

CHAKRA: Heart.
ZODIAC: Taurus

A heart chakra stone, it helps awakening love, empathy, compassion.
It can help you bring peace and understanding in relationships and allows the wearer to approach stressful situations with patience and grace.
It protects you from toxic energies and energy vampires.
Helps you look on the bright side of things, turning negative energy into positive energy.
It stimulates creativity. Attracts abundance.

KEYWORDS: Energy Vampires, Toxic people, Energy protection, Empath, Compassion, Love, Abundance, Patience, Positivity.



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