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Distance Reiki for Traumatic Experiences. 30 min session.

Distance Reiki for Traumatic Experiences. 30 min session.

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Trauma is a burden that many people carry throughout their lives. Abuse can be of any nature (physical, emotional, sexual, mental), but it is basically any situation we have lived through in which our personal boundaries were crossed and disrespected in a hurtful way.

We carry emotional pain, and shame after living these situations, sometimes without ever realizing that the mere fact of surviving them shows us how strong we are to endure things as terrible as that.
We also often forget that these experiences are not part of our true Soul, and we keep allowing them, giving up, thinking that we are not worthy of anything better, and disrespecting ourselves in the process.

We have a birthright to be in this World to love and be loved, and to be treated with respect.
But forgiveness doesn't come from others. It comes from ourselves, and for that we need to let go of the emotional burdens from trauma so we can move forward, heal and be our true selves.

This Distance Reiki session is 30 mins long.

- During this session I will scan your chakras and identify those that are out of balance. I will then send Reiki energy to each one of them, focusing more in those that are in highest need of healing (In trauma survivors, the most affected chakras are the lower ones, which house our sense of security, joy for life, and identity).

- I will send you a report describing your chakras, their imbalances, and will give recommendations on how you can help with the healing process. These recommendations are pretty simple that you can do by yourself and don't require spending money, but are things that people who undergo through a great deal of stress often forget or neglect to do.



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