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Rough Black Onyx | Natural Gemstone | Root chakra Stone

Rough Black Onyx | Natural Gemstone | Root chakra Stone

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These rough pieces are offered in 2 different sizes:

MEDIUM (M): About 1" (2.5 cm)
LARGE (L): 1 to 2" (2.5 to 5cm)

Infused in Reiki energy the moment I prepare your order. Description card included.

Onyx is associated with the Root Chakra.
It helps with grounding, absorbing excessive sexual desires, improving harmony in intimate relationships, improving self-control, calming worry and tension. It soothes nightmares.
Onyx is a protecting and grounding stone. It can also aid in manifestation, grief., and decision-making. Helps you take charge of situations. Connects you to your roots

As with everything that Mother Earth has created, each specimen id one of a kind. Please allow differences in color, hue, shape, or size.



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